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17 mars 2013



playlist by Lovanimatic / photos by Chris & Lou



 THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH - Before Night Falls 
(2012 / Fuzz Club Records)

I was in love for more than 8 years with a little boy called Damien. It wasn't really shared love, it just happenned to be my first deep crush and remained like this for years. We played video games together and pretented to be soldiers in the jungle (in my garden). I remember one night when I was 8 we were in our bed with him and my brother when we suddenly had this very good idea of eating flour with sugar (wait, what? yes, flour with sugar). We woke up, stole the flour and after a while started a huge fight, dropping it everywhere in the room. When we finally heard my mother on her way to punish us, we just used a giant teddy bear to hide the damage and faked sleep. My mum was so cool she actually laughed a lot when she saw us pretenting to be little sleepy angels with all the mess around. Anyway, I would have died for him. This song is for you, first crush.


 THE VIRGIN TONGUES - Six Feet Underground 
(2009 / Unsigned)

If you have one thing to know about me it would be my huge love for boys, porn, erotic stuff and people's sexual habits. I'm kind of a weirdo when conversations come to that point. My laptop is full of old scans from vintage porn magazines (especially the japanese ones, really good). I'm just way too curious about nudity, particularly the erotic power hidden in everyone and how it can transform a person from a regular normal being to a half god or goddess. Beauty isn't about the body, it's about how you use it. Because of this strange habit, I had good experiences, bad ones too, but every single bone of my body is dedicated to one of those moments and they would sing a song like this if they could. You know, between pain and freedom.


 GRAY THINGS - I Want it to Live 
(2012 - Make Mine)

 I heard that love at first sight does exist: in fact, it is now proven that it's the only way for your body to fall in love. It takes less than a second for your brain to chose the One as they say and then fill up your body with 5 differents organic chemicals. Boom. Just like cocaine. Of course, when your love isn't shared, it is painful cause your brain won't let you in peace until finally this process is all over. Although the worst part is when your loved one shares something with you and then runs away for whatever reason. This song is dedicated to all the broken people who are dying inside, looking for someone who will never return. 




✞ AESOP ROCK - Bent Life (ft. C-Rayz-Waltz)
(2001 - Definitive Jux)

With no alibi love is used as a guide by the civilized
Some see it as the body heat you feel when you close your eyes
That's so much of a lie, you can leave your hair dyed and scorch your roots
As the truth hits your ears begin to cry
"Why Is It Like This!" Why the fuck do I care?
I don't have the answers, or at least the ones you want to hear 


 KOMPLETA - Mrs Sheeva 

(2002 - Feedback Records)

The first example I had of "two human beings in love" was, of course, my parents. When I was younger, I was always amazed by how people in love seemed to read each other's mind, like an open book. You know the other one so well that you're no longer irratated with his/her faults, you'll actually just transform them into a private joke your kids won't get (haha). My dad was a wonderful dad, but he sometimes had very violent mood swings (violent because unexpected, he never ever raised a hand to us). That day we were at the table eating diner, when suddenly a huge fight started between my parents. My dad got really angry, screaming and pushing his chair and stuff until he finally saw us looking at him. He immediately stopped, grabbed a sausage in a plate and then hit real hard a music magazine with the head of Maxime Leforestier on the cover (he's an old school french singer), saying "Well, this is because of you Maxime, there, take that!". We finished our diner all laughing our asses out. When you're loving someone, you sure can evolve and become a better person.


 VIDEO LISZT - Destroyer Eye 
(1981 - Epic)

Pretty hard to love yourself, huh? I know. My brain is a terrible machine, capable of remembering every single thing it will hear, see or deduct without any feelings involved. It doesn't really care to know if all this data is good or wrong, it will simply stock it and eventually use it (which happened a lot when I wanted to protect myself from the world). Chris says no one will ever know me as I'm surrounded by many psychological traps: if you avoid them, you'll still have to find your way in the maze I conceived a long time ago in order to stay away from others. Although without others I can't truly enjoy myself, and most of the time I feel miserable.  I'm trying to change that but hey, you know, it takes time. It's a battle between my cold brain and my sensitive mind. Strange, ok.


 WHOMADEWHO - Running Man (Dave DK Remix) 
(2012 - Kompakt)

 What can I say? These little stories led me to my true love. So love. As much as you can. 






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